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Her experience on other dating sites prior to i Heart Volunteers had been mixed: was too overwhelming, the sexual expectations of Tinder too off-putting, and Christian Mingle was too…well, you get the point. Their first date was in a café – Webber brought her a batch of red velvet cookies – and that encounter kickstarted a love affair that has now lasted almost a year. “I remember looking at engagement rings like a month after we’d met.

“She’s honest, caring, sensitive, incredibly hard working, and a total dork. When you know, you know.” Webber is now in China; Price is finishing a tour of Nepal with her job.

Her compassionate, insightful and humorous demeanor made her a perfect fit to work with young people in America.

She recalls their first encounters, "I had been in my village for about a week when we met.

After all, they’ve spent 27 months dealing with some over-paid government employee’s enforcement of rules sent from Washington that were intended to apply to a small remote village the Washington employee has never been to.

Any returned Peace Corps volunteer can help you deal with that. Employers are always looking for returned Peace Corps volunteers. Employers know this and hire us with the knowledge we can handle anything they throw at us. (But commiserating with fellow volunteers happens all the time.) Deep down, we believe things can and will be better.

“Having so much in common right off the bat is a huge advantage when looking for a meaningful relationship.” While there are other sites out there that do a similar sort of thing – Corps Social and Your Cause Or Mine, for example – i Heart Volunteers stands out by not only giving 10% of their profits to the volunteer’s affiliated project or organization but by verifying the person’s volunteer experience to suss out phonies.

CHECK OUT: Penniless Artist in India Falls in Love, Rides Bike to Sweden to Be With Her To prove who you say you are, a third party screening company created by the Zenners contacts the organization and ask them straight up if you’ve donated your time or not – and the people on the other line never know it’s a dating site who’s calling.

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Points of Light posted a Valentine's Day blog about love, service, and i Heart Volunteers!

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